Thai aroma massage

Ananda follows a healthy living philosophy that takes its inspiration from mythological roots

Pitinun (Miyu) WutheejaraswongPitinun (Miyu) Wutheejaraswong

  “From an early age my mum used to take me to get a massage in my city of Bangkok Thailand. This is a normal part of my culture. I loved the whole world of massage and the wonderful feeling this could give you and I wanted to give this to other people. So when I grew up I travelled to the South of Thailand to be taken on as the personal student of an experienced masseuse Koh Tao Suratthani.
   I studied intensively and learned enough from him to be able to go to the UK where I set up a little practice in the North of England for a year. However I felt the need to intensify my knowledge and so returned to my native Thailand to do further training in  [give the name and link to this school] From there I was taken on by the prestigious 5 star hotel [name] where my skills were honed and fine tuned.  
I also learned how to carry out the full range of waxing treatments including male waxing and various beauty treatments as well. I hope soon to be able to offer [name of electronic French facial treatment]
Since returning to the UK, I worked at True Thai Edinburgh as a therapist for four years until now. Finally I decided to start my own business and this is beginning of Ananda Traditional Thai Massage journey.